The No-Diet Diet: How Kelly Powers Leverages Seafood Protein to Help Clients Feel Great (and Lose Weight)

There are a lot of businesses, products and fad diets out there that are making big health and weight loss claims – but many don’t deliver, or they feel like torture to adhere to. However… What if the best, most nutritious and delicious diet wasn’t a diet at all? The Mediterranean way of eating is non-restrictive, flexible and scientifically proven to add more years to your life while also adding more life to your years – and as a Registered Dietician, Kelly Powers is one of its biggest advocates.She’s helped thousands of time-crunched people to find ease in the kitchen (yes, that means no-stress and actually enjoying cooking), while also helping them to achieve their health goals – like effortless weight loss – in the process.Today, Kelly joins us to decode how you can find joy, health, and happiness in the kitchen, thanks to the flexible and seafood rich Mediterranean diet.Learn more about Kelly at her website or on social media @kelly.powers.Visit to dive into more exciting content that explores the world of seafood. Brought to you by MOWI.About KellyKelly Powers is on a mission to help people feel more confident in the kitchen while improving their relationship with food.In addition to being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kelly is the creator of Weeknight Dinners — a weekly meal plan program that utilizes the batch cooking method, allowing people to prepare meals in less than 10 minutes when they’re pressed for time. She also provides 1:1 coaching to help individuals and families find more ease and joy in cooking and eating.