Kelly Powers on Improving Your Health with Salmon and the Mediterranean Diet

When Kelly Powers decided to study abroad, she had no idea that her education in Italy would change the course of her life, and completely shift her towards a new career. Now, instead of working as a nurse, she’s on a mission to help Americans prevent the diseases and health complications that would have you end up in the hospital in the first place.

A registered dietitian nutritionist, Kelly shares how her experience in the Mediterranean shaped her perspective on what it means to eat healthy and have a healthy relationship with food. Listen in to learn about what makes the Mediterranean diet unique, and get practical advice on how you can leverage the power of salmon as a superfood in your diet.

Learn more about Kelly at her website or on social media @kelly.powers.About KellyKelly Powers is on a mission to help people feel more confident in the kitchen while improving their relationship with food.

In addition to being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kelly is the creator of Weeknight Dinners — a weekly meal plan program that utilizes the batch cooking method, allowing people to prepare meals in less than 10 minutes when they’re pressed for time. She also provides 1:1 coaching to help individuals and families find more ease and joy in cooking and eating.