Going Behind the Scenes of the Seafood Industry at Seafood Expo North America (SENA)

It’s a hidden world that most of us won’t think about, but has a huge impact on the seafood that makes it to our plate. Inside the seafood industry is a vast network of producers, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, who hail from every corner of the globe. How they conduct business, the trends that drive their industry, the technological innovations, the knowledge and push for sustainability, and more – can make all the difference between whether or not we, across America, get access to the very best, freshest seafood… or not.Today on Decoding Seafood, we explore the layers of the seafood industry, by going deep into North America’s largest seafood trade exposition -the aptly named Seafood Expo North America, or SENA.We speak to guests and attendees who give us the inside track on what’s happening in sustainability, innovation, and what consumers can expect in terms of culinary trends and offerings too.Thank you to all of the podcast guests who generously gave of their time and agreed to be interviewed. Here are links to their organizations and businesses: Aquaculture Stewardship Councilhttps://www.asc-aqua.org/ Chef George Duranwww.georgeduran.comDirect Connect Logistixhttps://www.dclogistix.com/ Graffam Brothers Seafood Markethttps://www.graffambroslobster.com/ Marine Stewardship Councilhttps://www.msc.org/ Norwegian Seafood Companyhttps://norseaco.no/ Pacific Seafoodhttps://www.pacificseafood.com/ University of Miami Aquaculture Programhttps://aquaculture.earth.miami.edu/ US Soybean Export Councilhttps://ussec.org/ Visit Decoding Seafood online at Decodingseafoodbymowi.us for more episodes, links and information.