Gigieats: The Salmon Queen Shows You How to Embrace an Allergen-Friendly Diet

After GiGi (Genevieve) Ashworth almost lost her life and was saved by a surgery that removed her large intestine, her diet went through a radical shift. A restrictive shift that meant that she couldn’t eat wheat, grains, dairy, gluten, sugar, nuts, or fruit.However, instead of crumpling under the restrictions that she would have to put on food, she turned her limitations into knowledge and is now helping others to live well and eat well at the same time. Her favorite food?According to Gigi, it’s got to be salmon. Listen in as this self-described ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-foodie,’ dives into how to make quick and easy salmon-based recipes. About Gigieats Follow her @gigieats on Instagram, visit her blog at or watch her YouTube channel